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Unique art for personal or business use: interior/exterior walls, room decor and personal accessories. Hand-made, super soft and comfy hats for any-time-of-year.

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H2O started when I poured my first "very large" canvas that turned out to look like a "Water Horse". I started working with acrylics and the pouring technique in early 2020 when the pandemic kept most of us at home.

I found color combinations and the technique inspired me to learn more and to want to share with others. First I posted on Facebook just wanting to show just "how cool" some paintings had turned out. Friends and family inquired if they were for sale . . . I hadn't really thought of selling, but since then, I have filled my art room and painting shelves with more works of art that make me and others excited about the unique attributes acrylic paint pouring offers.

Are you looking to spice up your life? Add a little color! —


Find a piece that compliments your room or stands out with a little or a LOT of color.


You don't have to have wall space to spice up your room. Try a vase, night light or decorative magnet.


We offer a wide range of Wall Art and unique Room Decor to fit any business or home.


We offer different styles and sizes of art. Custom contract work is available based on your specifications (no charge up front).

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Room Decor: clocks, night lights, chair seats, ornaments and more.

Add a little decor to your room and "kick it up a notch": office, bedroom, etc.

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